XTG50 - World's Best & Brightest Laser Pointer

LumenTech XTG50 - The handheld laser so powerful it can light a match!

The XTG50 is like having your own light saber that can penetrate 5 miles into the night! 

The XTG50 is the most powerful laser in its class.  It's so bright... so impressive... so revolutionary... that you have to wield it to believe it.  This laser is just plain fun to use!

The XTG50 has many uses from experiments to demonstrations to emergency safety.  Whether you're showing off by lighting matches, or pointing to stars in the sky, or signaling searchers in an emergency, you'll love this laser pointer.

NOT SOLD IN STORES - You can’t buy the XTG50 laser technology in your local store because this is so cutting edge.

Free USPS First Class Shipping - We'll ship your XTG50 right away using United States Postal Services "First Class" package service which has an estimated delivery time of 3 - 7 days.

No Risk with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - You'll be totally impressed by the brightness and quality of the XTG50 or you can return for a full refund.

Powered by a Lithium Ion Battery (included along with a charger) - The same advanced technology found in electric cars powers your laser for up to 5 hours of consistent use per charge.

Aircraft Aluminum - Engineered from the same high quality material used by thousands of military aircraft around the world.

Secured by Safety Key - Due to the power of this laser, you should always remove the key when not in use.

NOTE: Please do not shine these lasers at airplanes or helicopters.  Do not shine these lasers at people, particularly in someone's eyes.  They can cause significant damage and may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

You'll receive:
1x XTG50 Green Laser Pointer
1x Ultra Lithium Rechargeable Battery
1x Battery Charger
2x Safety Keys
Free USPS Shipping

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