Multi-Tool Pliers

The Every Day Use Survival Multi-Tool comes conveniently equipped with the tools you need in an incredibly light, yet powerfully sturdy, pocket sized, fully dependable product.
  • The Mini “Multi-Plier” folds out instantly and leverages the strength of your hand so you'll never struggle to tighten something or cut your hands trying to snip a wire again.
  • Super Sharp “Surgical Blade” is absolutely razor blade sharp, fully capable of taking on any task. You'll have a dependable blade on you at all times.
  • Mini Phillips Head Screwdriver for use in "obvious" situations (which seems to come in handy all too often).
  • Can Opener that's dependably sturdy so you'll always have access to nutritious food when the power goes out or while scavenging during a survival crisis.
  • Perfect for every day use even around the house, kitchen, garage or yard.
It all fits into this incredibly firm tool that feels like it was molded to your hand. You can hang it from your keychain, belt loop, on your pack, bug out bag, in your pocket, or in your purse. You can fit it or hang it just about anywhere!

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