Virtual Reality Headset with Head Strap

Top Quality Complete Virtual Reality Headset with Head Strap and Getting Started Guide with List of 20 Best Free Apps!

Works with virtually all smart phones (4 inches to 7 inches)

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Normally this virtual reality headset, which is compatible with thousands of Google Cardboard virtual reality apps, sells for $29.97, but for a limited time you can grab it for only $14.97.

These are special, high quality virtual reality headsets that have the highest quality lenses (unlike others, which result in very poor experiences) and a head strap to fit snugly on your head.  You can use these with any smart phones between 4" and 7", which covers all the iPhones (including all the 6's and earlier versions), Samsung phones, Android, Nexus, etc..  This set works universally across all those phones!

What can you do with this virtual reality headset?  You simply set it up one time (takes under a few minutes), place your phone in it (it comes out easily within seconds), download either free or paid apps from either the Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. app stores (there are TONS of free and paid apps available), and then enjoy being fully submersed into complete 3D virtual reality worlds!

You can watch movies, play games, be INSIDE 360 degree photos and videos (very cool), and more!

In fact, we even include a guide that lists what we feel are the top 20 best free and paid apps (so 40 total -- 20 of each).  This list has top apps regardless if it's for a little kid or an 80-year-old.  EVERYONE will enjoy this immersive experience.

The quality of this set is unmatched for anything in this price range.  And instead of paying $99 or more for a comparable experience, you can now grab it at a fraction of that!  Be careful of other brands that don't use quality lenses (this is huge), don't have head straps, aren't universal for all phones, or have improper designs for optimal visual experience.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Try out this awesome headset for up to 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
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