The FREE Evac Automotive Survival Tool

This Evac Automotive Survival Tool could save your life!

Today... you can get this valuable tool free - just pay shipping and handling.

Every year there are 42,000 automotive fatalities. That's 1 vehicle fatality every 12 seconds. Many could have been avoided with this one simple tool.

At just over 3-inches in length, the Evac easily fits on your key chain, in your pocket or - best place - stashed in your glove compartment.  It's best to store one in every vehicle just to be safe.

In the event of a car accident that would otherwise leave you trapped in your vehicle, simply pull the clip away from the razor sharp steel blade, hook it over a jammed seat belt and pull diagonally to quickly cut the belt and free yourself.

Then activate the window breaker by simply pushing the black pressure head against the corner of a side window until you hear a "click" and this will release the concealed spring-loaded spike and shatter the window setting you free.

Includes a built in whistle to signal for rescue so you can save your voice!
Hurry! Only 32 left in stock.

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Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
LIMIT: 5 Evac Tools per household