Set of 4 - Sport Quality, High End Bumper Balls - Free Shipping!

Inflatable bumper balls are probably the most fun you'll ever have whether you're an adult or a kid.

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These high quality, premium thickness balls (not the light ones that tend to pop, break very easily, or not bounce off each other as well found elsewhere) are an absolute blast!  There's an inner chamber with handles and shoulder straps that adjust to your size.  You simply get inside of it and either start knocking into each other or start rolling, flipping, or whatever else you want to do!  

Many people describe it like you're floating on air without gravity.  Although you can run into each other and do other things that normally might hurt, if you're inside one of these bumper balls, it's surprisingly quite comfortable -- all fun and no pain!

These 59 inch (1.5M) diameter bumper balls are sure to fit almost any sized individual with the adjustable straps inside.

With more than one bumper ball, you can have an absolute blast knocking each other over, playing "bumper" soccer, and just all good, pain-free fun!  You'll find it hard not to laugh as you roll around, knock each other over, and look utterly ridiculous to your neighbors, who'll be quite envious of your new toy!  If you get a pair or more, you can let them in on the fun too!

But don't be fooled by inferior quality bumper balls sold elsewhere that aren't designed to withstand large bumps or have the same kind of bounce.  Many of these other ones tend to not only break very easily, but they also tend to not be built for truly knocking into each other hard (unlike ours where you can go wild!).

These bumper balls are definitely a staff favorite, and they're sure to be yours as well.

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