Lumentech Headlamp Lights Up The Night!

The Lumentech high intensity headlamp lights the way with its 14 ultra bright LED's for a total of 2500 lumens.  This is the best and brightest headlamp available for its compact size.

This headlamp is perfect whether you're working around the house or yard, or on the car, hiking in caves or dark wooded areas, or just want to keep your hands free when the power goes out.

The comfortable elastic headstrap is easy to adjust to fit size and shape head.  You can adjust the aim of the light up and down.  The headlamp is water resistant so you can even use it on a rainy day.

The Lumentech Headlamp features 4 modes so you can choose the brightness level you want including the option for flashing light to get attention in an emergency situation.  It's all powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).