10-in-1 Survival Pocket Tool & Knife - Free Shipping!

The 10-in-1 Survival Pocket Tool & Knife Is 100% Concealable Yet Opens Instantly For Effective Survival, Self Defense Or Everyday Use!
  • Ultra Slim - This cool little guy is the size of a credit card so it easily fits in your wallet, pocket or bag!
  • Quick and Simple Conversion - The coolest part of this amazing tool is the razor sharp blade that seamlessly pulls out of its durable, protective case sleeve in less than half a second flat!
  • Surgical Steel Blade - It has a strong serrated blade so you have the edge you need… in a flash! Plus the blade material is ABS Steel. That’s the same type of steel they use for building open sea worthy ships. I’m talking about the type of ships that can stand the most extreme weather the ocean can throw at them. Just like this knife that’s small, yet strong, durable, and always razor sharp! You can pierce and cut through a soda can, then you can still use the razor sharp blade to slice this ripe red tomato!

That’s Just 1 Of The 10 Total Survival Tools That Are Included In This Small Pocket Tool -  You’ll Also Get…

  • Bottle Opener - A Strong Bottle Opener for cracking open a cold one with ease.
  • A Magnifying Glass - A Magnifying Glass to help with reading or for starting fires.
  • A Ruler - Rulers so you can, you know, measure stuff.
  • A Toothpick - A toothpick for all sorts of purposes, but my favorite is getting out those bits of tough jerky from between my teeth at deer camp.
  • Tweezers - Tweezers for pulling out those nasty splinters.
  • A Compass - A Compass so you never lose your way even during the darkest of times.
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver - Small flat head screwdriver that I like to use on my special polarized fishing glasses. Saves money rather than throwing those expensive glasses away.
  • Large Flat Head Screwdriver - Large flat head screwdriver when you need a stronger, more durable edge for multiple uses.
  • Multi-Size Wrench - You even get a multi-size wrench so you can keep things together whenever you need to.

WARNING: The blades are 100% surgical steel which means they will obviously set off any type of metal detector. Do NOT attempt to smuggle onto airlines as they will be noticed. Surgical Steel is undoubtedly known for it's super sharp edge so please take care when handling this product. Obviously meant for adults only. We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages.

Ships in 1 business day from our Colorado warehouse via USPS. Please allow 7- 10 days for delivery.

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